We are Weight Loss Coaches that offer one on one online Coaching

If you are interested please email whatyoueataustralia (at) or use the contact form on this website

Consultations start are $60 for a one off consultations…we have stopped programs however if you wish to pay upfront for a months worth of consultation it will work out to be only $50 per consultations. Payments are made either by paypal or bank transfer. Details will be given once contact has been made

We use to have another website but we decided to have a break from coaching. We are back but doing it low key, only one on one

We can start you on the right path, we treat each client as an individual, depending on what stage you are at with your journey we can be used as just support or we can educate as well as support or provide meal plans it really is up to you. You let us know where you need help.

We can do this over email or if you are located in Australia we can consult over the phone

If you have any questions please let us know. We are a husband and wife team at present and have other commitments that is why we are doing this low key and only can take limited clients on. We see this as a positive as we get to personally know each client and they are not just a number within a system


Step 1/ Search for the right weight-loss system for you…

  • realise there is no magic diet out there,
  • no diet has 100% success rate,
  • everybody is different,
  • you have to find a weight loss system that is right for you.

Step 2/ keep in mind, the more complicated the weight-loss system is, the more likely it will not work in the long run or under times of high stress.

Step 3/ Realise that you already know everything you need to, about the subject of losing weight.

  • Don’t let the information overload get to you,
  • get back to basics
  • stay away from all gimmicks that promise the world.