Recording of bird and uploading to YOUTUBE with my audio track all on iphone

Giving it a go

Still learning this stuff

Went down the park with the dog because she was annoying me. It was a windy day down there i had to go back to the car and get a jacket on. Its winter here.

Anyway noticed this bird just in the one spot hovering above the water and grass and i decided to take a video of it.

Then i had this smart idea to upload it it to youtube. Wanted to see if i could do it all on my iphone. So i opened video on Imovie app. Separated the audio which just had wind and waves in it and turned the volume down on that. I recorded a quick piece of audio on phone with Garageband, recording my Matrixbrute and Strymon Timeline pedal. Added the audio to Imovie and uploaded it to Youtube as seen above.

Now the shit things was when I uploaded it to Imovie it cut out the bird which was on top so you mostly only see clouds. I did the mistake of not turning my iphone to the side on view so therefore the video suffered from being vertical not horizontal

The Garageband only allowed me to record 8 bars of the track therefore i had to loop that 8 bars into Imovie about 4 times which I had real problems doing…oh well you learn these things