Ive been sick

Been sick for what seems like a long time but reality its been 2 weeks. First I started to feel run down and didn’t get good night sleeps. Then I went out drinking and staying up late like a teenager again

One day my nose was dripping like a tap and I much flem and just feel all round lousy. Yesterday my stomach started to feel sick and I felt nauseated. Drove all the way home and was sick as soon as I got in the door

Have not ate anything since lunch yesterday othe than Hydrolight ice-blocks and water.

Any way trying to take it easy, cant wait to get up and going again.

Matrixbrute and Strymon Timeline

I am currently listing to a loop of synth music I have made one beautifully built synth ( Matrixbrute) going into a beautiful delay pedal (Strymon Timeline) with my headphones. I have made a sequence on the Matrixbrute with a initialised patch with just one saw wave oscillator, I have activated the keyhold button so i do not even have to press a key on the synths keyboard. It is then running into the Timeline with the preset called Turn around. It is a reverse delay that I have increased the repeats on and moved the filter knob a little.