Recording of bird and uploading to YOUTUBE with my audio track all on iphone

Giving it a go

Still learning this stuff

Went down the park with the dog because she was annoying me. It was a windy day down there i had to go back to the car and get a jacket on. Its winter here.

Anyway noticed this bird just in the one spot hovering above the water and grass and i decided to take a video of it.

Then i had this smart idea to upload it it to youtube. Wanted to see if i could do it all on my iphone. So i opened video on Imovie app. Separated the audio which just had wind and waves in it and turned the volume down on that. I recorded a quick piece of audio on phone with Garageband, recording my Matrixbrute and Strymon Timeline pedal. Added the audio to Imovie and uploaded it to Youtube as seen above.

Now the shit things was when I uploaded it to Imovie it cut out the bird which was on top so you mostly only see clouds. I did the mistake of not turning my iphone to the side on view so therefore the video suffered from being vertical not horizontal

The Garageband only allowed me to record 8 bars of the track therefore i had to loop that 8 bars into Imovie about 4 times which I had real problems doing…oh well you learn these things

Starting a Reading Journal

After getting the idea from the excellent book The Novel Cure I have promised my self to start a reading journal, log or dairy.

I will log the name of the book, the author and a basic description. This will help me in future as I easily forget things.

These will not just be books I have read but also audiobooks which I tend to get through more than reading myself as I have long commutes in the car driving which I try to use listening to audiobooks.

I have a membership with Audible.

One of the audiobooks I am currently listening to is Stoner by John Williams. I like listening to a few books at a time and switch them up when I get bored, however shorter novels I usually just listen to until finished without swapping.

I have found a new favourite book. It is called The Woman in The Dunes by Kobo Abe. It is translating in English from Japanese. About a man missing his bus when taking a day excursion to look for insects in a Dune environment. He is offered a house to stay in for the night which is deep down in the Dunes and which a lady lives in, a widower. When he realises the ladder he went down to the house is taken away he tries to come up with ways of climbing up the sand pit and to escape.

I have also just finished A Kestrel for a Knave by Barry Hines. Which a small skinny boy in working class England takes a young Kestrel Hawk from its nest, keeps it in his back shed and trains it. The boy endures many harsh treatments from people in his life including his school, Mother and older Brother. He endures these hardships through his relationship with his Kestrel Kes.

I must say I am getting these book suggestions from the book The Novel Cure by Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin. What the book provides are remedies to physical and emotional pain in the way of suggesting novels to read and think about. The characters in the novels are usually going through the pain or problem that you are encountering in your own life.

They call my problem of forgetting about the books I have read or listened to reading associated amnesia. With this problem you may get asked by someone a question about a book you have read but you can not answer these questions as you have forgotten. They suggest a reading journal which you can go back to over the years you read. They suggest to keep a small notebook with you all the times just in case someone asks you a question. I do not think I will be carrying around a reading journal around with me everywhere. I do however find in the act of writing down I seem to remember more and I can always flick through it in my spare time to see which books I enjoyed and to reread them.


There are certain plants that poisonous to eat if you do not cook them.

Why do spell check get you to spell the American way of spelling even though I live in Australia, is there a way to change that in the settings of the spell checker?

Cooking by fire was done outside by males and seems to attract communities or neighbours to come together, to come out and see what is cooking, what that nice smell is.

Cooking inside in pots and pans came later on in the evolution of man (women) just for the fact that those cooking tools had to be developed first. It is thought that stones were used in cooking before them. Stones were heated up in the fire and held there temperature to place inside foods such as meat to cook them.

Different regions and countries have developed different dishes throughout time, depending on what ingredients were available. Different spices and herbs were used to flavour the meat and vegetation.

Cheaper less attractive meats can be used in stewing, in soups and braising. Cooking for longer times at lower heat helps break down the tougher meat into tender tastier alternatives. These cooking methods allow vegetables to be able to join in the same pot and add there advantages to the human system.

Other advantages occur with the activity of cooking and that is the development and togetherness of family. Cooking inside develops the family by eating the same dish and by congregating at the same time and place to eat this meal.

Eating by heating up on the microwave has changed this but it somehow does not taste as good.

Stewing and soups help young babies and older people without strong teeth to eat. Getting all the nutrients needed

There is a strong correlation between the decrease of home cooking and the increase of obesity.

People underestimate the time taken to drive to, wait, order and wait for restaurant or other take out foods. In the end it may not be much difference in time saved between cooking at home and ordering food.

When time is saved studies have shown that people use this saved time to either watch TV or computer or even phone screens. In other words not using the time saved in a beneficial way.

His family had a microwave meal with each member of the family trying a different microwave meal each. What they found was that it ended up not saving too much time as each meal had to be separately cooked in the microwave. Unlike a home cooked meal it meant people were eating at different times.

The food after 2 or 3 bites tasted not so good and most of the dishes ended up tasting the same. Stated that cooking by microwave felt soul destroying.

Cooking has helped us become human. Before cooking we spent long amounts of time in the day to eating and chewing. Cooking helps us break down food to make it easier to digest leaving time to explore other parts of what makes us the humans we have turned into today.

Cooking can be broken down into the same 4 elements as the early chemistry elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

These thoughts have come about after reading parts of the book Cooked by Michael Pollen