Starting a Reading Journal

After getting the idea from the excellent book The Novel Cure I have promised my self to start a reading journal, log or dairy.

I will log the name of the book, the author and a basic description. This will help me in future as I easily forget things.

These will not just be books I have read but also audiobooks which I tend to get through more than reading myself as I have long commutes in the car driving which I try to use listening to audiobooks.

I have a membership with Audible.

One of the audiobooks I am currently listening to is Stoner by John Williams. I like listening to a few books at a time and switch them up when I get bored, however shorter novels I usually just listen to until finished without swapping.

I have found a new favourite book. It is called The Woman in The Dunes by Kobo Abe. It is translating in English from Japanese. About a man missing his bus when taking a day excursion to look for insects in a Dune environment. He is offered a house to stay in for the night which is deep down in the Dunes and which a lady lives in, a widower. When he realises the ladder he went down to the house is taken away he tries to come up with ways of climbing up the sand pit and to escape.

I have also just finished A Kestrel for a Knave by Barry Hines. Which a small skinny boy in working class England takes a young Kestrel Hawk from its nest, keeps it in his back shed and trains it. The boy endures many harsh treatments from people in his life including his school, Mother and older Brother. He endures these hardships through his relationship with his Kestrel Kes.

I must say I am getting these book suggestions from the book The Novel Cure by Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin. What the book provides are remedies to physical and emotional pain in the way of suggesting novels to read and think about. The characters in the novels are usually going through the pain or problem that you are encountering in your own life.

They call my problem of forgetting about the books I have read or listened to reading associated amnesia. With this problem you may get asked by someone a question about a book you have read but you can not answer these questions as you have forgotten. They suggest a reading journal which you can go back to over the years you read. They suggest to keep a small notebook with you all the times just in case someone asks you a question. I do not think I will be carrying around a reading journal around with me everywhere. I do however find in the act of writing down I seem to remember more and I can always flick through it in my spare time to see which books I enjoyed and to reread them.

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