Weight Loss Myth

While I was pottering around in the kitchen last night getting dinner ready “Today Tonight” on Channel 7 catches my attention as they present an item on how you can lose weight by putting a patch on your arm.

After watching this drivel, suddenly “I am motivated”, motivated to put pen to paper to tell them just what I think.  That salesman flogging these patches looks down the camera lens with all the sincerity he can muster (that of rat with gold tooth) will tell us how… by putting a patch on our arm we can all lose weight!

My first thought (albeit unkind) was “dear man why do you not try your product yourself, it was obvious to anybody looking, that this man has an unhealthy BMI.

If I could speak to this man flogging his patches, I would say to him weight loss is not just about money.  In fact, you cannot buy weight loss, if it were that simple 60% of the Australian population would not be obese.

The truth is, you could put a patch on your arm, you could put the Queen’s Coronation Crown on your head, you could swallow a pill, drink a potion, but you will not lose weight unless you’re prepared to change your lifestyle.

Indeed you could put a diamond-coated patch on your arm and the crown of England on your head and it will not help you if you eat like a pig and do not exercise.

I find it frustrating that TV topical current affairs programs night after night propagate the myth of easy do nothing weight loss programs by giving airtime to such money-grabbing individuals that are prepared to exploit the lives of some people.

The ironical thing about losing weight is that probably 90% of the population know what is required; we just don’t practice what we know very well.

Weight loss is as simple as looking at the cause, looking at the cure, and changing our priorities.  Even though most people know what to do, the reason we “You are what you eat” have a business is that many people need just a little help, patience, guidance, understanding, motivation and empathy.

Weekly Motivational Quote

‘Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.  Happiness never decreases by being shared.’  

– Buddha quotes

Yours in health

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